About Us

At Forevermore Lasting Events, we’re not just event planners – we’re dream weavers, memory makers, and passionate creators dedicated to transforming your visions into reality. Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Melissa Allmond
Lead Designer

Hi, I’m Melissa, the visionary CEO, planner, and lead designer at Forevermore Lasting Events, a mother-daughter duo dedicated to transforming your celebrations into unforgettable memories. With a heart full of love for creation and hands rich with over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, I’ve spent my life turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. In 2018, I deepened my commitment to excellence by earning an accreditation as an event designer from IWED, followed by certifications in Wedding Planning Management from IPA and the esteemed Wedding MBA. My journey, fueled by a lifelong passion for crafting beautiful moments, is dedicated to making your special day as unique and memorable as the love story it represents.

Sodonia Bonnney
Lead Planner /
Assistant designer

Hi, I’m Sodonia, the lead planner and assistant designer at Forevermore Lasting Events. Working alongside Melissa, I bring a fresh perspective, boundless energy, and a wealth of expertise to our family-run business. With certifications in Wedding Planning Management from IPA College and a Wedding MBA, I specialize in creating personalized, detail-oriented events that speak volumes of our clients’ individual stories. My passion for event planning is matched only by my love for spending quality time with family, exploring culinary adventures, and getting lost in the latest binge-worthy series. Together, we aim to exceed expectations, ensuring that every event is as unique and cherished as our clients themselves